News | Has Dismaland fallen prey to the UK’s surveillance society?


The recent hype of Banksy’s most recent exhibition Dismaland in Weston-super-Mare is certainly not set to die down any time soon. The intentionally ‘dismal’ 2.5 acre theme park showcases more than 50 artists all satirically refuting the notion of engineered fun. Chris Green reports on the irony of Banksys latest capitalist critique, which has seen the artist fall prey to the very same surveillance society he refutes. In response to the high demand of fake tickets being sold online, visitors to the ‘bemusement park’ are now being asked to bring photographic ID to ensure entry. The influx of demand for tickets resulted in the official on-line ticketing system crashing – leaving buyers scrambling after the attractions tickets on eBay for a gigantic £1,500. A fraction of the price, the first trance of £5 face value tickets are said to have sold out within 45 minutes.  The next batch of coveted tickets have been on sale from 10 am today, with further tickets being trickled out to the public every day.

A spokesman for Seetickets, Martin Fitzgerald has stated that it is a shame that the attraction’s popularity has led ‘some people’ to use ‘that to try and make money.’ However, despite affirmations from organisers that ticketing delays were genuine, many fans have come to believe that it was a stunt orchestrated by Banksy to show the true nature of ‘dismal entry-level anarchism.’

Via Independent


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