News | Should the Turner Prize grace Scotland?

Writing for the guardian, Jonathon Jones weighs up the pros and cons for staging this autumn’s Turner prize in Glasgow. Whilst being as he puts it a ‘deserved recognition’ of Scotland’s achievements in contemporary art, Jones does not fail to criticize the nationalist agenda of Scotland, claiming that it will no doubt corrupt the ‘cultural bloodstream’ of a prize that should be based on merit rather than patriarchal association – testament being that his year’s Turner shortlist includes no Scottish artists. Although an array of Scottish artists have won the Turner Prize (Douglas Gordon in 1996, Richard Wright in 2009 and Duncan Campbell in 2014), it should not be the basis for the prize’s controversial move this year. The significance of Britain in the prizes international recognition is undoubtable, with many artists like Gordon only receiving international acclaim as part of a British avant-garde movement. Jones offers a scathing criticism of The Travelling Gallery, a bus exclusively exhibiting Scottish artists who have won/been nominated for the Turner Prize set to tour the Scottish Highlands and islands. He claims that separating the British likes of Damien Hirst and Anish Kapoor from their Scottish counterparts will only lead Scottish Art to ‘shrink and fade if it gets tangled in the Highland wool of nationalistic dullness.’

Via The Guardian


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