News | Lost Picasso returned to France


According to the Independent’s David Usborne 14 years ago a painting, ‘La Coiffeuse’, valued at $15m (£9.6m), by Pablo Picasso vanished from the Centre Pompidou’s store room. Late last year however the work was miraculously found in a FedEx box marked ‘handicrafts’ and ‘toy’. The work is now to be returned to it’s rightful owners, the French government after a handing over ceremony at the French Embassy in Washington DC.

Donated by one of it’s former directors to the National Museums of France the work was last seen by the public in 1998 when it was part of an exhibit in Munich, Germany. The painting’s loss was only discovered in 2001 following a loan request which led to the discovery that it had vanished.

US attorney general, Loretta Lynch, declared at the time of it’s discovery in the US that ‘a lost treasure had been found’ and now that treasure shall be returned home.

via The Independent


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