Art News | De Pury champions a new digital age for Art Auctions

Reporting for the International New York Times, Scott Reyburn highlights the benefits of a new digital age for the art world, as top end actions choose a more current digitalized path. The Swiss former chairman and chief auctioneer of Phillips, Simon de Pury is offering a new enterprise ahead of this year’s Frieze. Auctioning about 350 pieces of contemporary art with an estimated worth of $20 million, De Pury will be a live and online auction house that aims to hold three auctions per year in collaboration with Mallett, the first of which will be on 12 October in London. The traditional printed catalog will be discarded, with would-be buyers instead obtaining information online. As well as bidding in the room, buyers can visit the Internet-streamed auction on their tablets and cellphones.

Reyburn goes on to document the rise in works being discovered and promoted online, especially in regards with the social media tool, Instagram. As Elizabeth Denny, a New York dealer states “Art is sold by seeing art, and by having human relationships, but once someone has seen an artist at a fair, they might buy another work by that same artist they’ve seen on Instagram.’

via The New York Times


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