Review | Faux Guide assaults the senses

In her second exhibition in London’s Pace gallery following her reception of the 2015 Abraaj Group Art Prize, Yto Barrada demonstrates yet again why she has exhibited at the likes of the Guggenheim, MoMa and Tate Modern.  Using the natural history of her motherland Morocco she artfully blurs the boundaries between what is real and fake, concrete and uncertain as Ananda Pellerin decrees that akin to the exhibitions title, ‘Authenticity is the name of the game.’ A largely positive review of Faux Guide, Pellerin applauds the deliberately confusing nature of Barrada’s mishmash of media: wall textiles, fossils, photographs of street signs, a film, a model of a Stegosaurus and a sea of Berber rugs all sit side by side. Despite comprising of what could be described as an assault on the senses, Barrada ultimately displays the fine line between authentic artefact and synthetic exploitation; who can really tell the difference between a true Berber rug and their fabricated Ikea counterparts? As Pellerin concludes, Faux Guide provides us with both everything and nothing – nothing short of a ‘stimulating theatre of uncertainty.’ Faux Guide is on until 8 August 2015.

via Time Out


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