Review | Beauté Congo unearths the country’s true beauty


Beauté Congo fittingly highlights the beauty within Congo’s vast history and simultaneously tackles Africa’s all too common portrayal  of destitution and destruction.  In Paris, as part of the Cartier Foundation, the exhibition includes art of a spectrum of mediums, styles and periods, ranging from 1926-2015. As Rachel Donadio asserts, ‘the art practically leaps off the walls’ – the infusion of Jean Deparas black-and-white photography of 1950s nightlife and Albert Lubakis more subtle watercolours of the 1930s transcend the one dimensional conception of Congolese art portrayed in Western museums. There are more than 350 works by 41 artists that capture the dynamism of a country whose history is so little acknowledged. The curator, André Magnin ‘wanted to create a narrative that reintroduces these exceptional artists into the history of art’ not only to celebrate Congos rich past but in hope to encourage contemporary artists to pursue the country’s artistic continuity, one less reliant on its colonial ties.

via New York Times


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