Art News | Edinburgh Festival Fringe struck by fraud


An intricate fraud campaign has struck the renowned Edinburgh Festival Fringe; with less than two weeks before the festivities are due to begin. After calling the police earlier this year, the Edinburgh Festival Fringe Society were left disconcerted to find that the £220,000 embezzlement spanning over eight years had been made by an employee. The once trusted member is said to have withdrawn approximately £26,000 a year, and although simply a mere fraction of Fringe’s annual turnover (less than 1%) showed that even the world’s largest arts festival can fall prey to fraud. However, the chief executive of Festival Society, Kath Mainland, maintained high morale stating that, “the disappointment at having identified the crime is certainly alleviated by our success in recovering the funds swiftly and being able to move on.” All in all, she assures that Fringe will not be shaken by this unfortunate event and will go ahead as expected on Friday next week.  Edinburgh Fringe Festival runs from 07 – 31 August 2015.

via The Independent 


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